Developing ‘Together’

The ‘Together’ project is looking at the ways we currently work with our tenants across the organisation.  The aim of the project is to bring together all the activities currently available under one umbrella – ‘Together’. Tenants and residents will then be able to become a member of ‘Together’.  This membership will make it easier for them to move between activities and provide them with an increased level of support with access to networking opportunities, fundraising and training opportunities.

We have recently held two events to see what our tenants and partners think about the work we’ve done so far on the ‘Together ’ project; ‘Let’s Get Together’ for tenants and residents and ‘In The Mix’ for partners and colleagues.

Tenants and residents were able to give us their views and enjoy a good night out when we held our first ‘Lets Get Together’ event in August.

The event was held at Llanhilleth Institute which is a fantastic community venue.

More than 70 tenants and residents from a wide variety of Living+ schemes, Supported Housing and General Needs properties came along.

All the tenants who were invited have either already been volunteering to help improve their communities and work more closely with United Welsh, or have expressed a wish become more involved.

The night was a great success with lots of opportunity for tenants and residents to share their experiences and ideas, and later on a chance to have a bit of a dance.

We then held an ‘In The Mix’ in early September with partner organisations who work closely with our tenants and residents.  This was an opportunity for like-minded organisations to share best practice and ideas, and also a chance for us to get valuable feedback on the ‘Together’ idea.

The event was a great success with lots of feedback on what we currently do well and also how the ‘Together’ project could help to improve the way we work with our tenants and residents.

For more information about the ‘Together’ project please contact Claire Jenkins on


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